About us

Emily Patton

Chartered Special Needs Consultant

Emily has spent the better part of the last 10 years passionately helping families dealing with disabilities secure greater futures for the individuals they love with special needs and life care considerations.

In addition to being a Colorado native graduating from East High School in Denver, she received her bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University. Throughout her financial career she continues to stay current and has received many additional certifications. She holds both the Certified Family Business Specialist and Chartered Special Needs Consultant in addition to her CLU and specific financial industry licensing.

As a Chartered Special Needs Consultant, Emily’s continual education, her knowledge and commitment, enhances her dedication to families with disabilities and the complexities they face. Her education around disabilities is a powerful tool for quality information and structure around your unique situation. In her own family, disabilities and the challenges faced by those living with them, intensifies her passion for education and guidance with each family she serves.

Through her heartfelt approach with every family, consideration is given to each person’s needs, goals and dreams. She focuses on the entire family, both as a unit and as individuals, in her planning process to ensure that all parties have the best opportunity to see their dreams come true.

Emily’s greatest passion is seeing families live their most desirable future with the peace of mind that they have taken every step to create security around the many challenges faced and stages life brings. She believes intentional decision making, backed by knowledge, builds a solid foundation from which families can grow, thrive and live with confidence.