Legal Planning:

An in-depth conversation on the critical documents every family needs including an overview of trust planning. You will learn the types of trusts for special needs situations and how to incorporate personal letters to your loved ones. Additionally, we will discuss guardianship, conservatorship and supported decision making as an alternative solution.

Financial Coordination and your Legal Plan:

Improper coordination can ultimately derail your legal plan! It is critically important to coordinate your assets with your legal plan to ensure that assets pass accordingly, to define who can act on your behalf and to identify how to access critical information.

Financial Protection:

Systems and steps to protecting your assets while preserving Medicaid eligibility plus special tax considerations for families with special needs expenses. Make your assets last longer and keep them out of harm’s way.

Public Benefit Planning:

Defining Medicaid it’s waivers, waiver system and income benefits. Helping you to understand the system and how to use it effectively in your family situation. Including the application process, filing appeals and critical ages for qualification.

Customize Your Workshop with add on topics

Educational Planning:

Providing a full understanding of the education system in dealing with disabilities. Comparing IEP’s & 504’s plus outlining necessary preparation and record keeping for your child’s success.

Transition Planning:

Identifying available resources, key ages for transition and the planning cycle timeline as well as discovering options for living situations and the estimated costs associated. Personal independence creates a greater degree of satisfaction in life!

Emergency Caregiver Workbook:

When someone is suddenly in charge of your loved one you need to have a personal guide for tips to success. A comprehensive instructional guide for family and caregivers will be completed during this special coaching session.